Collect Basketball game statistics and analyse both your offence and defence plays. Great visualisation how your team perform!

Easily register game events such as Point shots, Shots and Blocks. Easy navigation and easy user experience so you can keep your focus on the game.

Heatmap analysis to get the most out of your team. With the information you can easily identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Save all your games to keep track of your opponents. Use the information from previous games to create a game plan.

What Our App Can Do

Shots statistics

Keep track on Offence and Defence

Register Point shots, Missed shots and Blocks

Analyse with heatmap

Analyse each quarter of the game


Choose your pricing plan

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Note! The Pro version is an in app purchase.


$ 0

Features included:

 – Register Point Shots
– Register Missed Shots
– Register Blocks
– 5 game limit



$ 2

Features included

– Register Point shots, Shots and Blocks
– Heatmap analytics
– Game quarter analytics
– Series administration
– Unlimited games

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